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Excellent Hashemi rice
Hashemi Mumtaz Don Don rice is one of the best Iranian rice on the market and is grown in Gilan province. Gilan Hashemi rice is in the category of high quality rice and rice with excellent durability after cooking. The reason for its superiority is that the percentage of broken and crushed rice is much lower than other rice and is completely uniform and is sorted and packed with fully automatic machines. Also, this type of rice is prepared from parts of Gilan province that have the best rice paddies. By cooking premium Hashemi rice, you will have a pure experience of the taste, smell and aroma of Iranian rice. In order to experience the easy purchase of Iranian rice, Shabrang store has prepared it in 10 kg packages for you, dear customers. You can get your goods delivered to your door in a short time by buying Iranian rice online.

Hashemi Gilan rice is a type of chest rice that has been cultivated in Iran since 1378 and is originally from the local population of Gilan. This Iranian rice, due to its suitable appearance, high marketability and good cooking, currently has the highest area under cultivation in native and quality cultivars in the north of the country.

Excellent Hashemi rice has excellent cooking quality and pleasant taste and aroma. The length of the rice grain is elongated and pen, and its color is creamy white, and after cooking, the grains are completely separated and have an excellent and pleasant quality of Iranian rice. The reason for the popularity of Hashemi Mumtaz Don Don rice is that it retains its softness and good taste for 24 hours after cooking and can be used easily. The length of raw rice grain is 2.7 mm, which reaches 13.1 mm after cooking, which indicates the height of this type of rice.

Excellent Hashemi rice has a long stem and therefore can be grown only in good lands. The land used to grow Hashemi Gilan rice must be high in nutrients and organic matter; If the ability of the paddy field is not enough to provide proper nutrition for rice, the rice will have problems and its stems will fall to the ground and the quality of the rice will not be good. Suitable paddy fields for planting Hashemi Rum Doom are located in Sefidrood Delta in Gilan province. The same area that was first discovered, developed and promoted by local farmer Yousef Hashemi (Charparkhaneh village of Khomem district of Rasht city). Hashemi Mumtaz Don Don rice is the best variety of Iranian rice that has been noticed by many customers. This type of rice, in addition to having a suitable height, also has a suitable aroma and taste. Hashemi Mumtaz Don Don rice, despite its higher price than other Iranian rice cultivars, has been popular with customers. The reason for this can be considered the desirable quality and pleasant aroma and taste of this type in comparison with other types of Iranian rice.

Rice cooking tips
To have white and tall rice, you must first of all consider that the type of rice is very important. Use Hashemi Don Don rice. Older rice will have better quality. Rice grains should be thin and uniform and should not have broken and crushed grains inside and all colors should be uniform. It should not have white and round inside. Increase the heat at the beginning of the work when the steam is not yet wrapped in the pot, then reduce the heat as much as you can. So that the rice does not settle. Rice can also be brewed without oil. It is necessary to take the rice a little more alive and add only water to the rice instead of oil. Of course, this type of rice will be a little dry. It's almost like a barbecue eaten with barbecue. If you want the rice to grow well, pour a glass of cold water into the rice when it is at the peak of boiling. Choose a large pot so that the rice has enough room to rise. When boiling rice, pour two tablespoons of liquid oil into the pot water so that it grows well and cooks so-called well.

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