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Fajr fragrant rice

This rice is cultivated in Golestan province, which has a good aroma and taste. The older Fajr rice is, the more aroma it will have. This type of rice is one of the most productive rice.

Appearance of Fajr rice
The appearance of Fajr rice is a bit elongated and its shape is like a dagger, or better to say, it has a diamond shape. This product has a higher quality than other high-yield rice and has a better aroma and taste after cooking.

Fajr rice cooking by cat method
First, try to wash the rice well with lukewarm water and let the rice soak with salt water for a few hours. Never wash soaked rice again as it may break the grains. You can easily adjust the amount of salt by tasting water, then add one cup of water for each cup of rice to cook cat rice.

If you want the rice to be softer, you can add half a cup more water at the end, you can also use some butter or oil for a better taste. Finally, set the gas flame to low and let the rice cook slowly.

Then, after the water has evaporated in the pot, you can put the kettle on the lid of the pot and put it on the pot until the rice is completely cooked.

Baking method
As before, it is better to wash the Fajr rice again with lukewarm water and then soak it in a mixture of water and salt to soak for a few hours (at least 3 hours). Try to add more salt at this stage so that the taste becomes a little salty because during the drainage of salt and rice starch is washed away and the taste is gone.

Depending on the size of the rice you want to cook, choose a pot and pour some water into it (enough to be above the rice), then let the water boil. Then pour the soaked Fajr rice into boiling water and let the grains soften.

Note that you can notice the softness or firmness of the rice by squeezing the rice or putting it under the teeth. Try to remove the rice when it is almost soft but the kernel is still a little firm. Early or late harvesting of rice will cause your rice to become too hard or shallow, so follow the instructions.

After the rice boils a little and reaches a good state, remove it and use a strainer that is the size of the rice volume. When rinsing, use lukewarm water so that the temperature of the rice does not drop too much, using cold water will cause the rice to cook poorly.

After draining, you can use rice, potatoes or bread to have a good pot bottom. Add a little butter to the bottom of the pot, add the bottom of the desired pot and then pour the rice on it. You can also pour some melted butter on the rice to make it delicious.

Try to make holes in the rice to cook the rice better, then 20 to 30 minutes compared to the amount of rice you used, it takes time for the rice to cook completely and your Fajr rice is ready to serve.

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